Does Waterpik Water Flosser Remove Plaque Properly?

Do you want to get rid of the tacky and colourless substance called plaque from your teeth?

Surely you do.

Now, we all know that a fine toothbrush and regular dental floss can prevent plaque.

However, there is another popular method that can be employed to remove plaque.

It's called Waterpik.

Waterpik is a dental care device, which shoots a thin stream of water to eject plaque and food particles from between your teeth.

Since 1963, Waterpik has been taking care of our teeth, and its pulsating action ensures that no bacteria or food debris manages to lodge between the spaces of our teeth.

Skeptic about how efficient waterpik is at removing plaque?

Well, confusion is bound to arise in your mind as there have been too many studies conducted with widely varying results.

But my opinion on this matter is that Waterpik is reliable and you can count on it to make your teeth plaque free. Because Waterpik is no publicity gimmick and does its job quite well.

Is There Any Proof That Waterpik Removes Plaque?

Yes, there is ample proof that Waterpik removes plaque. In fact, there have been many studies which proved the effectiveness of Waterpik at removing plaque.

In one study, it showed more effectiveness than dental floss at removing plaque, and what's more, it also exhibited more efficiency at reducing gingivitis and gum bleeding.

However, most of the study results differ on which one is more effective at removing plaque; dental floss or Waterpik.

Moreover, in another study, comparing the Waterpik and the Airfloss, it was found that Waterpik is far more effective at reducing plaque than Airfloss.

Therefore, no doubt can now remain over the fact that Waterpik is perfectly able to remove the plaque.

Why Should You Pick Waterpik?

Because the advantages of Waterpik are numerous. Let’s look at a few of them-

Does not cause gum bleeding

People who aren't dexterous enough often end up causing their gum to bleed while using traditional floss.

Fortunately, Waterpik poses no such danger and is safe and incredibly easy to operate.

Thus, by using Waterpik you can keep your teeth plaque free without making your gum sacrifice blood.

Flossing With Braces

It's quite hard to manoeuvre dental floss inside your mouth and it becomes even harder when you have braces on your teeth.

However, Waterpik has no such limitations.

It enables you to floss your teeth without any difficulty even when you have braces on.

Provides Extra Tips

Waterpik comes with extra tips.

Extra tips allow every single member of your family to use the same Waterpik appliance to clean their mouth.

Therefore, no need to buy a separate Waterpik appliance for everyone.

Reduces Gum Inflammation

Having swollen gums is a very frustrating experience.

It hurts badly and can often make you want to hurt someone (just kidding).

But you have only yourself and your oral hygiene problems to blame for it.

Because gingivitis with bacteria (who resides in your mouth) causes your gum to swell and makes you go through intolerable pain.

But, the Waterpik can be your saviour in this case, as it can reduce gum inflammation and provide you with relief from pain.

Can Reach Places Which Are Inaccessible To Traditional Floss

It's nigh on impossible to cleanhard-to-reach places of your mouth with a dental floss.

In contrast, Waterpik goes deeper into the pocket and removes the plaque to give your oral health a boost.

Favourable For Dry Mouth

Some people are unable to produce enough saliva due to genetics or some medical conditions.

But saliva is essential for our oral health as it prevents bacteria from building up on our teeth. On top of that, inadequate production of saliva can cause cavities and other gum diseases.

The Waterpik comes in handy in such situations, as it can add moisture to your dry mouth and prevent saliva related problems.

Can The Waterpik Remove Tartar?

Unfortunately, Waterpik isn’t capable of removing hard stuff such as tartar.

You’d better see a dentist for this as you might need scaling to remove tartar from your teeth.

Final word

Although the jury is still out on whether Waterpik is more effective than string floss, Waterpik’s ability to remove plaque can no longer be debated. Hence, you can now rely on your Waterpik to improve your oral hygiene without worrying about its ability to reduce plaque.

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